As eluded to in the Law and Order section of the town guide, there are rumours of a city under the city as with most other large conurbations. it does have a basis in truth, and New Elysium like most others has a secret beneath its streets.

Few citizens have ventured into the sewers below, and even among those that have, only the most diligent will have found the clandestine realm of The Underhive. A labyrinth of drains and rough hewn tunnels have proven a challenge to navigate, and many return to the surface fruitless, having wasted hours knee deep in the town's unpleasant waste.



Gaming Notes

Bernard's Books has a few loose pages from a book, The Chronicles of Underhive for those who make time to look for them. They are written in common, and appear to be the work of someone who has been there within the last decade or so. Extensive searches may or may not produce further pages of the book.  Bernard will point in the general direction of where he last saw these pages if asked.

The book was written by the father of Bryn Emrys, the New Elysium ratcatcher, though that will probably only be evident on discovery of the book's cover or title page.