Public Meeting at The Town Hall

Sunday at Noon

There has been no further news regarding the disappearance of our Lord Chancellor Gregory, who left our town several months ago on confidential Council business. Guard Commander Ulrik and 14 other party members, including 12 men at arms are also still missing. 

I, Vice Chancellor Magister, as Deputy and acting Leader of the Town Council, call for a motion that the Lord Chancellor be declared dead and I be anointed Lord Chancellor without contest. At noon this Sunday, residents of this town are called to referendum on the matter.

If the motion is not carried, it has been agreed in closed chambers that half of all Council housing stock will be sold at the earliest opportunity in order to fund a search for Lord Chancellor Gregory and his party.

Vice Chancellor Magister

Gaming Notes

Notices have appeared in prominent positions around the town square overnight, displaying the wording to the left. it has become the major topic of conversation across the town.

Many are vocal about whose camp they are in in relation to the matter, although there are those whose alliegience is very much a private matter.