Old Elysium District

There is a quarter of town that visitors will often be unaware of, and even fewer travel there. Much of the south east corner of New Elysium is taken up with the sizeable collection of mostly single storey and often single room houses, barely more than cabins. There are no streets to speak of, with only narrow walkways between the properties. A couple of cart tracks are the nearest there are to roads within the district. Here dwell the ordinary citizens of the town, those grafters and toilers and peoples of limited income. There are a few three storey tenements, but they are rare and rents are high.

Most of these properties are now owned by the town council, having been bought back from and then rented to the previous owners- a process that has flip flopped many times over the years as different councils manage the town finances differently. There was a promise of improvements to the buildings in exchange for those deeds last time they wanted the land but progress, which was never fast, has ground to a halt since the disappearance of Chancellor Gregory. Many in the town council are reluctant to free up the capital or divert it from other priorities, fearing they'll lose support in the affluent districts. Indeed, there is a mindset within those from the wealthier quarters that Old Elysium is a blight on the town and should razed and replaced with something more befitting of New Elysium. In fact, they have labelled it 'The Warren'- not because of its narrow streets and alleyways, but because its residents 'breed like rabbits'. Any study would show that the reproduction rate in Old Elysium is no greater than that in the more affluent quarters, but it would be unlikely to diminish those prejudices.

A handful of independent craftsmen ply their trade from here, although many won't have the same facilities or be seen as at the same standard as the stores in town. Refusing to give their whole tithe to the guilds who clearly favour financing the wealthier districts, many are likely to be amenable to 'deals' and less orthodox currencies.

Old Elysium has some residents of note. The unofficial and unelected spokesperson for the 'oppressed underclass' Pedderee Gammidge lives here, as does The Inventor.

A recent addition to the area is the menagerie and petting zoo set up by visiting gnome Dingle. After liberating malnourished or ill kept animals from around the visiting circus, she set about a community project to build a new home for them.