As the technological advancements continue apace, numbers of those following the old ways are waning. There is still a School of Magic within the town, though generally those obvious wizards and sorcerers of decades past are less evident. Some think that with each successive generation it has slowly been replaced with the new sciences, while others suggest that it's as prevalent as ever but it's been driven underground.

It is as it once was a major trading port, so magic items are in abundance. Most households will have a ring, amulet or grandfather's blessed longsword within their family heirlooms. There is a legitimate trade in such things, with emporia taking up real estate around the square. There is an equally large underground trade in items, often smuggled in and out of Elysium Harbour.


Gaming Notes

The circus has directly and indirectly brought with it a number of obvious magic users. Grand mages and vaudevillians alike have arrived in town, and telling the difference isn't always easy for people in the town.