The History of New Elysium

There are records of ancient settlements here dating back centuries. It is easy to see why, with its rich ore and mineral deposits, access to the sea and great plains of fertile land all around.

A recognisable town has stood on the site of New Elysium for near the last three hundred of those years, and the inner district now known as Old Elysium is the earliest built part of the town. It expanded over time, but was only fortified six score years ago during the war with the north, when it was home to a garrison of the nation's finest warriors. Largely thanks to its fifteen foot high stone walls and watchtowers the town stood firm for a century, but much of the infrastructure beyond its walls was sacked, razed, or sacrificed for the greater good. It was a time of great hardship, with most of the farmsteads abandoned and only the bravest merchant ships bringing fresh produce and provisions, leaving the place almost besieged.

Thankfully there has been a peace, albeit an uneasy one, for a generation and once again the town is growing in prosperity. This largely came about as the northern hordes made a tactical error twenty years ago in ransacking an Elven temple on the edge of the forest, thereby bringing the elite forces of the previously neutral Pelbarad into the war. These glade dwelling warriors wiped out near to twenty five percent of the enemy army in a single afternoon then retreated once more to their occluded city. The hordes never again besieged New Elysium in such numbers, though unescorted caravans are prone to attack on the mountain roads. 

The river is busier than ever and as trade routes have reopened most of the businesses in and around the town square are thriving. Not everyone welcomes the opening up of trade however, and some craft businesses have taken a hit from the influx of more exotic items that arrive each week at the Elysium Harbour.