Elysium Harbour

Harbour is a bit of an elaboration for the jetties to the west of the town. Not that it isn't busy- there are always a number of vessels loading or unloading there- but it is really a stone and wood quay that runs for two hundred yards or so along the river bank, with a couple of wooden jetties protruding a short way out. On one of these jetties stands the Harbourmaster's Tower, the tallest building outside of the town wall. There are a number of cranes and warehouses along the riverbank, and a few independent traders trying to avoid the taxes or guilds within the walls, and the obligatory hostelries.

The boats and ships here are of varying displacements. The majority carry cargoes from the estuary around 50 miles to the south and its immediate coast, but there are also larger seagoing vessels filled with exotic goods and passengers from far away lands. The harbour here has become a popular landing for those ships carrying items that would be scrutinised or more heavily taxed at the two ports at the river mouth. In amongst these there are a few shallow bottomed boats from further north along the river. It's a route fraught with danger, but the rewards can be high for those merchants brave enough or desperate enough to earn their living this way.

There is a ferry of sorts for getting over the river- a flat wooden construct little more than a raft in appearance- that makes the crossing every hour or so during the hours of daylight. The Inventor is currently working on something more elaborate and energy efficient for crossing, so he can often be seen by the river's edge measuring depths, analysing tidal patterns and testing strange contraptions.