In this renaissance period, there is a purpose built schoolhouse within the town, thanks primarily to the tireless work and campaigning of renowned scholar Francis Pancetta. Prior to its inauguration education was available to but a few, and it was largely monastic. The mission of the school is much that of Pancetta himself- the reconciliation of the religions of old and the new knowledge that comes with every ship that berths in Elysium Harbour.

Education is meant to be available and free for all children in New Elysium, and almost every resident speaks common and fluent Halfling at an early age, and the majority can communicate in Elven too. Children are able to get a very general education until they reach their thirteenth birthday, at which point they split into areas for which they have shown an aptitude. Under rule of the council, each guild must commit to one hundred hours of tuition per annum. This can be provided by one or more individuals, whose salaries are paid by their guild.

On reaching thirteen the school decides if a student will go on to broader study or take up a particular focus. This may occur in the schoolhouse, though some will be be taught privately in any of the disciplines deemed worthy of the extended curriculum. These include mathematics and geometry, language and rhetoric, and science and philosophy. 

The practically minded will apply their learning to an apprenticeship with local trades or craftspeople according to guild regulations, sometimes within their own family, but often they will go and live and learn a trade with the other households.