The majority of the population come from a human or halfling heritage, though dwarves and elves dwell in good numbers, with a smattering of gnomes and half orcs. Other races may be seen around the town in very small numbers, but the renaissance for the town has brought increased numbers of races from far and wide.

Overt racism and xenophobia are uncommon in New Elysium these days, above ground at least, although full orcs and goblins are likely to be treated with suspicion and may have difficulty building trust. It is not though unheard of and one goblin in particular, Mazzgot, is very popular among the residents of the Old Elysium district.

Other races, drow for example, are unlikely to settle in the town.


Gaming Notes

Terms such as dwarf, elf, drow and goblin are human words. All races have their own language and preferred names for their race, those that live and work among human settlements will normally accept the nomenclature.

Races in this world aren't inherently good or bad, though it may be easier to perceive them as such. Hearsay and legend attaches preconceptions to peoples who are raised and live differently, and these are often hard to shake.