Town Square


The town has a number of districts, but the part that has been core to the revival of fortunes is the town centre, bringing people from far kingdoms to shop, sightsee, ply their trade or to otherwise share in the new prosperity. A small fenced garden and its three verdant trees sits at what most consider to be the spiritual if not geographical centre of the town, and this is officially Graffam Square, though that has come to be the nominal descriptor for the whole town square, including the market stalls and shops that skirt it.

The town is busy most days, but on the thrice weekly market days the square is particularly bustling with tradesmen and merchants, and the shoppers who descend upon it.

There are a smattering of low key businesses in the Old Elysium district, a thriving black market in and around the harbour area outside the town walls, and like many towns there is rumoured to be a sizeable ratfolk underhive beneath the ground.

Some businesses have taken a bit of a hit since the recent closure of the mines to the north, but the damage is localised to specific industries like the Old Elysium Brewery.