Why New Elysium?

Understandable question, considering how many towns there are already for roleplaying games. Whether it's Sandpoint in Pathfinder, Altdorf in Warhammer or Baldur's Gate in Forgotten Realms, the tabletop world isn't short of existing habitats that have been established over the decades. Reinventing the wheel and all that.

Well. At least two reasons come to mind. Firstly, I'd decided to run a game- Pathfinder in this instance- and of those invited to play some had played before, others had played AD&D, some had played computer or console versions, and two had never played anything like it at all. So, to have a level playing field on which none of the players knew what was happening was a way of reducing the chances of some being left behind.

On a more selfish level though, I loved the idea of worldbuilding. A kingdom woven with political intrigue, strange goings on, unusual characters and wondrous adventures be had. Yes, there'd be the usual fantasy memes of course, but I wanted to bring it together in a new setting. Furthermore, I wanted to bring it to life on the tabletop too, so that the novice rogue could see why they needed to roll 35 to climb here and only 25 there. They could gauge how long they needed to stealth across an open town square at dusk. So, I assembled a building or two and and thus started my possibly unhealthy love of papercraft terrain. This has become my hobby easily as much as the game it was originally to facilitate, and I look forward to each addition to the town.

It's a slow process. I'd get a handful of prints at the copyshop every now again, until I was given an old printer to do them at home. Still, it isn't as frugal with its inks as it could be, which has resulted in the building work stalling. The planning goes on however, albeit in varying degrees of efficiency, first with the broader brush strokes of creativity, then with the little details that dress its raw form.

If you'd like to watch as the town gets populated here on this site, you're more than welcome to share the journey.


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Things to Come

The following are among the buildings still to be printed and assembled.
Hoping to see some of them arrive on the table soon.




The Eerie

Town Walls

The Olde Sailor


Miner's Institute

Buildings of Old Elysium

Buildings of Elysium Harbour