Vice Chancellor Magister

Sleight frame, distinctive cheekbones and olive skin make Magister look more gaunt than he is. He is nontheless a distinguished looking gentleman, enhanced by piercing gaze, the flecks of white on his trimmed goatee beard and at the temples of his slicked back hair.

In order to bring a sense of cooperation to New Elysium, Chancellor Gregory invited rival family patriarch Magister to become his Vice Chancellor, and an uneasy entente has prevailed for almost a decade. With the disappearance of Samuel Gregory, it appears to many that Vice Chancellor Magister has been manoeuvring to seize control of the town.

Magister is seldom seen in public without his assistant, referred to only as Mister James. This has been especially evident since the disappearance of Chancellor Gregory. Assistant is of course a polite title for this huge man, and the assumption by the majority is that he's employed as little more than a henchman.