Maxwell Printman

A somewhat overweight and oleaginous man, dark haired and bushy eyebrowed, usually sporting a pristine white shirt with rolled up sleeves.

Maxwell is proprietor of World News in Print, the printer just off Graffam Square. He is also the purveyor of gossip on his weekly newssheet World News. Historically it has been a highly regarded source of information near and far, but over the years its standards have ebbed away, replacing much of the real news with scandal. That scandal has made him his vast fortune, and not from the circulation figures if the rumours are to be believed. Indeed, the most ardent of conspiracy theorists will tell you that Mister Printman gets his more salacious stories through hiring a team of unscrupulous scryers to eavesdrop on the town's dignitaries and celebrities.

A close personal friend of Mr Magister, Maxwell is known to allow his personal bias to colour his paper's journalism.