Mizuko Hikaru, of Hikaru's Kettle

Mizuko Hikaru is a slight, enigmatic lady of exotic appearance. Dressed in floor length silken robes, she seemingly glides on air as she serves her clientèle rare beverages and infusions. Her skin has an iridescence as if she has applied a fine, shimmering make-up to it, and her light hazel eyes are almost gold.

She arrived here only a few years ago with the intention of being in the employ of the abbot at the monastery. After a brief union, she now owns and runs Mizuko's Kettle, the exotic tea shop within Graffam Square. She is an unassuming and respectful lady, and a quiet hour or so sipping infusions in her grace seem to ease even the hardest of days.

On a fair day, she will sit outside her tea room, playing her equally exotic stringed instrument.

Gaming Notes

Hikaru is a very accomplished bard and geisha, and has mastered tea ceremonies that inspire her patrons.

Hikaru's tea shop is base of operations for an underground interference movement. From here Hikaru can keep a visual track of the comings and goings at the Town Hall, and the customers are a good source of information. She has also mastered disguise, and though most note her exotic appearance, they are unaware that she is truly Vishkanya. She'd rather be regarded as an enigmatic human from faraway lands than as a serpentine monster not to be trusted. This is of benefit in both of her occupations.

Alongside the mysterious De Lacey, she considers herself the eyes and the ears of New Elysium.
The question is, for whom?

Mizuko Hikaru Stat Block