Young Lianna

Chirpy, and perhaps a little cocky, Lianna is a teenager well known about town. She has grown up in the household of Jon the Tailor, and it's unclear whether she is their natural daughter, adopted ward, apprentice or otherwise related. Far be it for Lianna to clarify that relationship to those it doesn't concern, and she's quite happy to give just enough fuel to support many of the contradictory hypotheses, regardless of how truthful they actually are.

It is known that Lianna works for Tailor's Costumier and Haberdasher, perhaps the finest producer of bespoke garments in the town. Lianna is not at this stage the fine tailor that she is training to be- reluctantly of course- but she takes in small repairs and embelishes garments to pay her way.


Gaming Notes

Lianna does reside and work as an apprentice to Master Tailor, and earns a few coins for her work. Lianna yearns for adventurer though. She has been investigating goings on with Vice Chancellor Magister, infiltrating his circle and searching council buildings after hours. She has attracted the attention of a mysterious character she refers to as Rumplestiltskin, and she in turn is committed to studying him, though he has an agility and stealth far beyond her own.


 Lianna Level 5