Edmund Butcher

The son of the town's principal butcher, Edmund is a keen hunter, and each morning heads out to collect for the day's merchandise. At dusk he is often seen beyond the North Gate near the outer edges of Pelbarad. He knows not to go hunting within the forest itself, but he is of the opinion that any beast that wanders out is fair game and he will set traps for them before dark. Should he fail to snare anything suitable, or if his traps have been sprung or his prey released, he is a capable archer so seldom returns empty handed.

The nature of Edmund's job means his days are mostly his own to fill with whatever personal adventures take his interest.

During the war with the north, his father fought with the guard to defend the town, and Edmund is rather patriotic as a result. His family have an intense distrust of the Vice Chancellor, and Edmund is eager to see Magister exposed as the charlatan the Butchers believe him to be.