Bernard, of Bernard's Books

Bernard is seldom well presented, and his clothes are invariably crumpled, smelling of tobacco and often wine-stained. His brown hair is always messy, and his eyes are often bloodshot as a result of drinking til he falls asleep fully dressed at his desk. 

Bernard himself is blessed with a remarkably high intelligence, but his penchant for the wine renders him less than dextrous, strong and wise.

As a result of his lifestyle, he seldom sees daylight, having hot meals delivered to him rather than venture outside. He is socially inept, and although he can be charming on occasion, he is just as likely to be rude, curt and sarcastic. His social awkwardness comes to the fore when a pretty lady comes into the premises.

He is seldom found without a bottle of wine at hand, and he's not averse to throwing them at shoplifters, or people whom he assumes are shoplifters based entirely on the proximity of their left eye to the right one.


Gaming Notes

This collection, however haphazard, is quite substantial, though it may take a substantial amount of time to unearth what you're searching for. Even then, there's no guarantee that it'll be in a language comprehensible to the average person, with these tomes being assembled from all over the world, and some of them are in ancient scripts.

Bernard himself speaks eight different languages, though he is seldom sober enough to be helpful. He is also rude and impatient, so any desire to source information from him personally may well be fruitless.

A person with a suitably high perception may notice a pair of Spectacles of Understanding among the piles of paper and empty wine bottles on Bernard's desk.

Bernard's Profile

Gaming Notes

Bernard's Books has a few loose pages from a book, The Chronicles of Underhive for those who make time to look for them. They are written in common, and appear to be the work of someone who has been there within the last decade or so. Extensive searches may or may not produce further pages of the book.  Bernard will point in the general direction of where he last saw these pages if asked.

The book was written by the father of Bryn Emrys, the New Elysium ratcatcher, though that will probably only be evident on discovery of the book's cover or title page.