Brother Justyn the Ever Watchful

Whether in his ceremonial full plate armour, or in mail and the distinctive tabbard of the town's champions, Justyn's striking poise and polished glaive make him the most recognisable of the clerics to watch over the lands north of the town.

He has dedicated his life to the protection of the peoples and spirit of New Elysium, and watches over them from his perch in The Eerie.

He moved away to join the ecclesiarchy at the age of thirteen, and his zealous faith quickly saw him moved to the militant order, where he was trained to defend the faithful.

Justyn returned to New Elysium four years ago at the behest of Chancellor Gregory to take up the post of Master of The Eerie, a role wholly separate from and independent of the town guard. When not on duty, he can be found at the monastery, where he continues his spiritual devotions or weapon training.