Maelon Mallothrin

Maelon the elf makes his money buying and selling goods under the table at The Olde Sailor. When the river traffic berths at the harbour, sailors will often come ashore with items they've bought, plundered or otherwise acquired on their travels and Maelon will regularly relieve them of it. Conversely, many a traveller will be looking for things they can get a good price for at their next port of call. Local legend says he would sell his own grandmother for a few pieces of silver, and while that may not be wholly true, it is fair to say that has trafficked an inordinate amount of Elven artefacts over the last century.

He is a veteran smuggler too, skilled at hiding things from the scrutiny of officials, often in plain sight. Should hiding things not be practical, a few silver coins to the right official will buy him the privacy he needs.