Mad Melville the Whaler

Melville's ragged and windswept appearance may give hints to his mental state, as may his scowl and high brow, but not as much as the hugely oversized harpoon he clings onto as he wanders the harbour, so large he has a permanent stoop. His face is red from years on the storm lashed deck.

Melville is quite mad. His unrelenting hatred for one particular whale has taken such a toll on his sanity that there is no other focus in his life. He calls into New Elysium to find a new crew, as few can sail with him for any length of time. His recklessness is much too extreme for most sensible mariners to take for more than one tour.

There are those that don't believe Melville's Whale exists as a sapient individual, and that he has attached his irrational raison d'être to any and all whales. Whatever the facts, it is a cause that has singularly driven him for nearly fifteen years.