Edward Thorne

A handsome young man, long blondish hair swept back into a pony tail, Edward sees himself as a corsair, though as a slim man in his father's oversized tunic he doesn't quite cut the dashing frame he envisages.

Edward's father Randall worked the river for thirty years, but recently died leaving no real breadwinner in the family. Young Edward stepped up, but he had only spent three years at his father's side and is still a little green.

There are claims that Randall Thorne was an unscrupulous man- not an unusual claim against those who frequent the harbour tavern- and there are those eager to see how much like his father Edward is.

Thorne's vessel is the largest that travels north from New Elysium regularly, as it's unusual for less manoeuvrable boats to chart the narrower, winding river north of the town.