Bill Brook (Belaburk), of The Olde Sailor

Standing at six and a half feet, Bill is tall and wiry, but with very clear muscle definition, and it's likely in his younger days he was a mountain of a man with a torso sculpted by hauling ropes on icy seas. His orc features are quite subtle, so even if he didn't have a wild, grey beard it would not be immediately apparent that he is of mixed race.

 The locals refer to him as Bill, and few mention his orc heritage. His given name, Belaburk, is little known and less used. A former seaman, Bill had to give up his life on the waves when summoned to his dying father's side here at The Old Sailor six years ago. The very next day he was behind the bar as its newest proprietor.

It is a given across New Elysium that much illicit trade passes through the inn, so Bill too must be aware of it. Whether or not he is involved in any criminal activity or not is unknown, and the authorities won't investigate while alleged activities are low key and self policing.He has owned the bar long enough that the regulars mostly seem to trust and respect his place, but there are punch ups most nights. He does have some serious back up should things get too unruly.


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