Pedderee Gammidge

At only 37 inches tall, Pedderee is a very short halfling, usually sporting floor length skirt and shawl and a ponytail that reaches past the small of her back.

 Pedderee Gammidge is a champion of the underdog, a vociferous resident of Old Elysium. Short in stature, even by halfling standards, she is certainly not short in vocabulary, more than a match for most of the clerks and spokespersons from the Town Hall and Old Council Offices.

Fed up of witnessing the fat cats of the north west growing in influence while those around her in the old town suffer the indignities that come with hardship. To be fair, most in Old Elysium are not unhappy with their lot, but that doesn't deter Pedderee fighting to overcome the perceived imbalances in the town's fortunes.