A strange, out of place creature is Mazzgot. It's not common to hear so many people use the term 'lucky goblin' after all, and even less so to see them invite one into their homes. And yet this is the place in which Mazzgott now finds himself.

It was noticed a month or two ago that people suffering from the malaise which has befallen the town found their symptoms reduce or even vanish altogether when in close proximity to a goblin, and as a result a number of the now unemployed miners sought them out in the hills to the north.

Demonstrating either a wisdom or foolhardiness greater than that of his peers, Mazzgott saw an opportunity and taking a huge chance he ventured into town, and now gets treated as a miracle worker by the afflicted, most commonly in Old Elysium. Most nights he will stay in one or other of the many homes of the district, sharing their food and sleeping in their beds while they make do with the floor. And when dawn comes, they are invariably relieved of their condition for a few days.