Mines around New Elysium

The biggest of the mining companies in the hills a mile or two to the north of the town closed its doors, quite literally as the entrance shafts were boarded up, around six months ago leaving a lot of the miners out of work. They were at the height of production towards the end of the war due to a local need for swords, armour, arrowheads and other weapons of war, and despite repeated attacks by the raiders they continued production. And yet, at this potential dawn of a new age of technology, with no evidence of supply or demand waning, they close.

There are three main entrances to the mines, all of which are sealed and displaying KEEP OUT and other warning notices.

Is there a connection between the closure and the missing Vice Chancellor? Or the malaise that has been growing within New Elysium? Whatever the reasons behind its closure, the mine owner remains tight lipped.

Gaming Notes

When the mine closed, the human miners mostly returned to Old Elysium, unemployed. Shortly after their redundancy, many of them started to become unwell, a malaise that spread to their immediate families. Physicians have been unable to diagnose the cause, and the apothecary's attempts at a cure have proven fruitless. It has however been observed that, when in prolonged proximity with Mazgott the 'lucky goblin' the symptoms abate quite noticeably.

The vast majority of the dwarven miners, who made their abode within the mine, have not been seen in the intervening months.