Ladies and gentlemen.  Boys and girls.  And wild ones of all ages!

Step right up!

I welcome you to come on in.  Inside our Mystical Circus.

The music is your passport,

your magical key to all the madness that awaits you!


The Dark Carnivale has been travelling these lands for centuries. Perhaps even millennia. None can be certain, but not even the elves and dwarves can remember a time when it wasn't so. For centuries it has zigzagged these lands, oft times appearing unannounced and more often disappearing as quickly as it arrived.

Many a legend has been attached to it over the years, yet none can say how many such tales have any basis in reality. 

That this Circus is old is undisputed. Yet some would have it that that the owners are the original owners, though that is never spoken of outside of a hushed whisper.

Few of the acts and exhibits are all that they seem, and all are far more than they appear to be. Many joined for the adventures of the future. More still are hiding from their past. Others are not here of their own choosing. All are in debt to this infernal freakshow, and it is not a debt easily settled.

Yes. The Dark Carnival holds many a dark secret.

Indeed, there are those that doubt its origins are of this realm.