Dave Graffam's Tudor House

Bernard's Books

His books are somewhat haphazard, and he is far from the most helpful vendor in town, so it often gets overlooked by those in a hurry to find things. The more patient researcher could well find information in some very unexpected sourcebooks at Bernard's however.

There are a number of repositories of written information in New Elysium, from the esoterica and religious volumes at the Monastery to the Town Archive and Records Office at the Town Hall, all of them better ordered and catalogued. The more eclectic and curious of scholars could certainly do worse than to visit Bernard, though it's not a place for those of an impatient demeanour.


Bernard, of Bernard's Books

Gaming Notes

This collection, however haphazard, is quite substantial, though it may take a substantial amount of time to unearth what you're searching for. Even then, there's no guarantee that it'll be in a language comprehensible to the average person, with these tomes being assembled from all over the world, and some of them are in ancient scripts.

Bernard himself speaks eight different languages, though he is seldom sober enough to be helpful. He is also rude and impatient, so any desire to source information from him personally may well be fruitless.

A person with a suitably high perception may notice a pair of Spectacles of Understanding among the piles of paper and empty wine bottles on Bernard's desk.

Bernard's Profile