World News Headquarters

The ground floor is a printers, producing posters for local businesses, notices and minutes for the town council among other things.

Upstairs The World News newspaper is published. Home of the only hot metal press in the realm, World News claims to bring impartial reporting and commentary from near and far. Maxwell Printman, proprietor of World News, resides in the upper rooms overlooking the town square. The building itself is situated just off Graffam Square, and as such Maxwell has done much to draw attention to it, ensuring it is the most ostentatiously decorated building in New Elysium. Printman wants to build it higher to rival Magister's Folly, but the council- led of course by Magister- continue to block the development.

He funds this development of the building as he did the remarkable contraption housed within, by setting up a pension fund. Initially for those in his employ, the scheme has more recently been extended to others willing to pay a monthly sum with a notary promise of a good return when too old to work.