The Monastery

What remains of the former garrison building was converted 20 years ago to become the home of a small, peaceful order of monks, who use its grounds in which to exercise their minds, bodies and spirits. Non denominational, many religions are respected here, as long as their adherents are considered good and wholesome. There are currently ten monks and clerics in permanent residence, though others pass through on a regular basis.

They pay their rent by offering hospitality to travelling holy men and selling their fine mead and home grown produce.

The Monastery is also thought to be home to the largest library of religious and esoteric texts in the area thanks in great part to the work of Brother Lemartes the Scribe, though many a scholar or learned traveller has also donated writings to its collection. Remarkable collection though it is, it is seldom accessible to those who do not outwardly display an ecumenical or spiritual demeanour.

Willow Brook Inn image copyright Dave Graffam Models and used with kind permission.