The Eerie

An imposing structure just to the west of the North Gate, its remarkable height has dominated the skyline since the war over a century ago, and serves to reassure the populace that they are forever protected from the barbaric raiders.

In actuality, it is part of a much bigger apparatus, with it being visible from both the tower on a hill twenty miles south of New Elysium and the one at the mountain pass to the north. It also has clear view of the tallest tree in Pelbarad, from which the elves can share intelligence. Though rarely called upon to act in the last decade or so, The Eerie is perpetually manned by one of three clerics, the most recognised being Justyn, and they are accompanied by at least two other persons.

There have recently been reports of increased activity in the foothills, but there is no evidence of an organised gathering.

 > Brother Justyn the Ever Watchful

 Image copyright Dave Graffam Models and used with kind permission.