Harbinger's Call

The Harbinger's Call

This inn is named after one of the epic tales from the history books of New Elysium, in which a widow rode day and night to warn the town of the very first assault that triggered the war. Tired, hungry and filthy from the trail, none would listen to the rantings of this mad woman. She climbed atop this very building and yelled to all who would listen until she collapsed with exhaustion. A local man climbed the tower to retrieve her, and from this vantage point saw the barbarian raiders amassing in the foothills of the mountains to the north. She never recovered, and was buried as a nameless heroine. Without her intervention, the town would have been wholly unprepared and quite probably eradicated.

In the years that followed, the inn was dedicated to her, and it is a popular haunt for poets, bards and storytellers to pass on gripping tales of derring do and epic romances. Not unlike the titular harbinger herself, not all of the stories are to be believed, but it is considered of huge disrespect to voice ones disbelief in this place, and many a fight has broken out as a result.

Swan House image copyright Dave Graffam Models and used with kind permission.