Ye Olde Sailor

During the war, when trade was poor and taxation was high to maintain the garrison at New Elysium, many in the town resorted to smuggling, piracy and mercenary life in order to survive. It is said that hired muscle kept them safe from the invaders, but some claim the inn and its dubious clientèle were dealing clandestinely with both sides equally. Now, as then, The Olde Sailor is where such business is most often conducted. Situated by the harbour, outside the town wall, it is ideally located for its clientèle's dealings. This is not a bar that gentlefolk are found in. Should a noble or esteemed citizen require the services of the kind that frequent The Olde Sailor, they would be advised to use a go between.

According to legend, the inn is and always has been passed down to the previous owner's third son. He and only he is told on his father's last breath why this must always be so. It can never be bought, never be sold.

The current owner is Bill, an amiable half orc whom the regulars mostly seem to trust, but he does have some serious back up should things get unruly.
The Olde Sailor isn't just a hive of lawlessness as those outside may see it. No, it is also the first port of call for captains looking to bolster their crews, or supplement them with specialists such as bards or druids, and a good starting point for travellers looking for a vessel.

Mermaid Tavern image copyright Dave Graffam Models and used with kind permission.