Magister's Folly

Town Hall- “Magister's Folly”

Built around two decades ago when the Magisters last controlled New Elysium, this is the building that divides townsfolk's opinion like no other. While most will agree that it is a magnificent building like few others in the known kingdoms, the tax burden on the citizens has been great, and it is in part the reason why the last Chancellor Magister lost office and the backing of the people all those years ago.

A fortress guarded not by arms and pitfalls but by swathes of bureaucracy and an army of clerks, few get beyond the first two floors of red tape and interminable forms- a problem that has only intensified in the months since Chancellor Gregory's absence. Its situation in the town square isn't random. The balcony on the southern aspect gives a clear view of the comings and goings at the west gate, and a clear voice can bark orders to the guards where necessary.